Breast Feeding: Benefits for Mom

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There is a preponderance of evidence that breast feeding is the best and most nutritious way to feed your baby if you are able to do so, especially in the first six months of her life. Human breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients that no one has been able to completely reproduce artificially, nutrients that are just right for growing babies. But, are all of the benefits of breast feeding reserved for baby? Not at all. There are many physical, psychological, and other benefits to breast feeding for moms as well. Here are a few of them:

  • Women who have breast fed show a remarkable decrease in their chances of contracting breast cancer. Some studies suggest the likelihood is reduced by as much as 60%.
  • Perhaps more predictably, a woman’s chance of contracting breast cancer is significantly reduced if she has breast fed. The amount of risk for breast cancer is actually reduced proportionately to the amount of time spent breast feeding. The effects seem to be even more pronounced when the mother is towards the beginning of the reproductive cycle of her life.
  • Moms who breast feed lower their chances of osteoporosis, a disease which causes bones to become brittle and break. Those who do not breast feed are a full four times more likely to contract osteoporosis.
  • Breast feeding helps moms lose “baby weight” faster. Breast feeding mothers, on average, are able to return to their pre birth weights much more quickly. The weight loss benefits show a discernible difference as early as one month after baby is born.
  • Breast feeding mothers are less likely to deal with post partum depression and anxiety, and on average, it is less severe even for those who do suffer from these common ailments.
  • Breast feeding is significantly less expensive than formula feeding, and allows moms to save money which can be used for other things. The list of ways moms can spend their savings, rather than buying formula, is virtually endless.
  • As much as babies benefit from the close physical contact of breast feeding, moms also benefit from the snuggling and feeding times. There is a special bond that is formed during breast feeding between a mother and her baby that is unlike anything else in the world, and it benefits moms just as much as their babies.

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