Adjusting to a Crawler

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Just about the time you think you have this whole baby thing figured out, your little one hits that milestone that most babies reach somewhere between five and ten months of age. She becomes mobile. Up until now, your baby has pretty much stayed wherever you put her. Or, at the very least, she wasn’t able to go very far or very fast. But now, look out. Get that kid a pair of goggles, because she’s off to the races.

Once a baby figures out that he can move around all by himself, it doesn’t take long before he figures out how to do make those arms and legs go fast. What’s more, he’s likely to think that trying to outrun you is great fun. Of course, he has no way of understanding that this also poses certain dangers to him, and chances are you have no real way of explaining it to him.

All of this means that we have to adjust some things in our households, if we haven’t done so already, to make sure that all of the places where baby can get to are baby-proofed and safe. This means making sure that all electrical sockets have covers. What it is that appeals to babies about outlets is something we’re not likely to ever figure out. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s something different, and conveniently placed at eye level with a crawling baby (who ever came up with that brilliant design concept, anyway?).

We also need to make sure that floors are picked up so that baby can’t get a hold of anything that could be harmful. At this age, babies still tend to feel that anything that can go in the mouth should go in the mouth, so we want to be extra careful about what we drop on the floor.

Another change you’ll want to make if you haven’t yet is installing baby gates to keep baby into areas where you want her to be and out of area where you don’t want her to be. Baby gates are available commercially, and are generally inexpensive.

You’ll also want to lower the crib down to the bottom setting if you haven’t yet. If baby isn’t standing already, she will be soon, and you don’t want her practicing her high dive just yet.

The bottom line when adjusting to a new baby milestone is to look around, and try to find anything that could produce a hazard from a baby’s eye view. Then, do what you can to remove or reduce the risks. And, don’t worry. About the time you get used to a crawling baby, she’ll start walking. And running. And climbing.

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