Are There Herbs I Can Use To Help With Breastfeeding?

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Nutrition and general well-being are rarely more important for a woman than when she is pregnant or when she is breastfeeding. The fact of the matter is that a woman’s health, as well as the things that she chooses to take into her body, can greatly impact the wellness of her growing baby, both before the baby is born and after the baby is born, when the mother is breastfeeding. Complicating this is the fact that not every woman’s body automatically adjusts to breastfeeding, and not every woman’s diet is necessarily one that is helpful for breastfeeding. For these and any number of other reasons, there may be times when a mother’s body needs a little bit of help with breastfeeding. Fortunately, there are indeed herbs that you can use to help with breastfeeding.

Some of the common herbs that you can use to help with breastfeeding will accomplish a variety of tasks. For one, they may help to encourage milk ducts that have become lethargic to start producing a greater amount of milk. Some herbs may help to clear up clogged milk ducts, as well. These sorts of herbs might be consumed in a tea format, for example. In other cases, herbs may be used as something of a topical compress that can not only help you in terms of milk production, but may also serve to comfort and ease the pain for sore breasts or cracked nipples.

Some of the herbs that you can use to help with breastfeeding might include red raspberry leaf, orange peel, stinging nettle leaf, spearmint, anise seed, caraway seed, alfalfa leaf, fenugreek seed, and fennel seed. The organic versions of these herbs are thought to be the most effective in terms of helping you with breastfeeding.

If you are having difficulty with the process of breastfeeding, if you do not believe you are producing enough milk, or if you just need some help with breastfeeding, you should speak with your health care provider. Your health care provider may be able to help you, or to put you in touch with another provider who can help with breastfeeding issues.

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