Baby’s Favorite Blanket

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From the earliest stages of life, babies may start to show a preference for particular toys, objects, or blankets. By the time they are even three or four months old, babies may well have developed attachments to certain items, drawing comfort from them. As parents, we quickly discover which items our babies have an affinity for, and we don’t dare leave the house without them.

These attachments, while occasionally inconvenient, are perfectly normal and healthy. They can, in fact, even be used to our advantage when it comes to trying to help baby get to sleep.

If your baby has a particular blanket that she likes to be swaddled or covered with, save that blanket for sleep time. If your baby only sees the favorite blanket when it’s time to go to sleep, she will soon associate the blanket with relaxing and falling asleep. In her mind, being covered with the blanket becomes one indication that it’s time to relax and go to sleep.

Of course, there are no foolproof ways to make babies sleep, and using a favorite blanket this way is no guarantee that your baby is going to nod quickly off to dreamland every time you cover her up. Still, when it comes to helping baby fall asleep (and giving mom and dad a little rest, too), we can use every advantage we can get. And if a favorite blanket will help him relax, by all means, cover him up with his favorite blanket.

Some parents express concern that if babies become too attached to particular items, they will have difficulty letting them go later in life. This isn’t totally unfounded. Children may stay attached to items well past the baby stage. But, as they grow older, they will naturally outgrow most of the attachments and set them aside by themselves. You’re not likely to have a teenager on your hands dragging around his favorite blankie, Linus-style.

The funny thing about security items is that, even at a young age, babies seem to pick them out by themselves. And when they do, no amount of trying to convince them that they want a different blanket or toy is likely to change their minds. Of course, some babies are more particular than others, and some will not really become too attached to specific blankets or toys at all. This is one of those few things that really is pretty much up to the baby herself.

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