Being a Good Postpartum Dad

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In many ways, pregnancy is (and should be) focused on the mom. After all, it’s her body that’s going to be doing all of the heavy lifting, both during pregnancy and even afterwards. Still, there are some things that dads can do to help out. This is true both during pregnancy, as well as after pregnancy. That postpartum period actually gives dads a chance to really shine, if they know what to do.

Here are some of the ways that dads can do their part during the postpartum phase, and really step in and give some relief to moms:

  • If you feel left out, say so. Because all of that focus is on the moms, dads can feel left out. Talk with your partner about your feelings, and start a dialogue.
  • Be supportive and understanding. Let’s be honest. The postpartum period is one of emotional ups and downs. Most of them won’t make sense to you. That’s all right. You can be supportive without understanding it.
  • Watch out for postpartum depression. You’re the first line of defense when it comes to recognizing a problem with postpartum depression. Learn what signs to watch for, and then be ready to talk to your spouse if you believe she’s suffering from postpartum depression.
  • Do everything but breastfeed. You can get up with baby, you can change diapers, you can take baby to doctor appointments and more.
  • Help out with breastfeeding. Obviously, your help here is more along the way of moral support. Tell her you’re proud that she’s doing so well with it, and help defend her against potential negative comments from outsiders.
  • Learn to do the dishes. Pick up on several of the household tasks that you may not normally do. Help out with older children, too. Keep Mom focused on herself and the baby.
  • Be ready for change. Introducing a new member to the family changes things. Not all of those changes will be positive, but they will be worth it. Don’t long for the days gone by, but instead revel in your recent family addition.

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