Can I Make My Own Sitz Bath At Home?

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A sitz bath is a popular way to help solve or alleviate many different health problems and issues. A sitz bath is especially useful for the woman who has just had a baby. This is the case for a woman who has had an episiotomy or vaginal tearing, or even for the woman who has not experienced either of these things. A sitz bath can be useful in the treatment of other problems, such as an anal or a vaginal fissure, hemorrhoids, infections of the prostate, or bladder infections. You can even make your own sitz bath at home.

A sitz bath is, simply put, a bath that you sit in. You sit in water that is just enough to cover the buttocks and the hips. The water should be warm. This warm water helps more blood to be able to reach the area that needs healing. In addition, the warmth will generally help with discomfort. A sitz bath is typically done in a bathtub, a shallow bucket, or an plastic “sitz bath” product that is positioned over the top of a toilet. These products are particularly useful, as they allow you to continuously add warm water, with the overflow going into the toilet. Still, the tub or shallow bucket are both definitely options for the person who does not want to have to pay for the sitz bath.

Some people choose to add some things to the sitz bath. There are herbal mixtures and remedies, for example, that are specifically designed for use in a sitz bath. These remedies might include herbs such as yarrow, sea salt, witch hazel, and uva ursi. For the woman who has just had a baby, using this kind of sitz bath at home can help to soothe the sore muscles in the perineum, reduce swelling, heal tears, and slow bleeding. As many women also have hemorrhoids after giving birth, an herbal sitz bath can help to shrink those, as well.

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