Checking Your Baby’s Breathing at Night

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When you’re new to being a parent, all sorts of worries are likely to plague your mind, sometimes even waking you up in the middle of the night. You may hear your precious little one take a quick gasp, and then nothing else comes through the baby monitor. You imagine horrible scenarios in which your baby is unable to breathe, and that your lack of attention caused disastrous consequences. Just about when you’re almost up and out of your own bed and on your way to check on her, you hear her take another breath. You breathe a sigh of relief yourself, and you return to bed, feeling much better about the whole thing.

Most new parents experience this kind of sensation. They worry, on a regular basis, whether or not their baby is breathing. While your baby doesn’t need you to pop into his nursery every 10 minutes just to make sure he’s still breathing, you can certainly check on him as much as you wish. Some parents make a habit of checking on their little ones several times a night, just to make sure everything is all right. While this is more about your own peace of mind that your baby’s well-being, it’s still not a bad idea. Getting up to check on your baby in the middle of the night so that you can get rid of that nagging anxiety is much better than staying there in bed worrying.

You do need to recognize the fact that babies move through different stages of sleep at night. Sometimes, they sleep very deeply. When they’re in this stage, their breathing is deep and quiet, and they tend to be very still. There are more active stages of sleep, where breathing may be louder and they’re likely to be more noisy in general. These stages are normal, and it’s likely that your baby will experience a variety of sleep stages several times throughout the night.

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