Colic and Your Diet

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There is some evidence, albeit mostly anecdotal, that a breastfeeding mothers diet can aggravate colic like symptoms in their babies. While this has not been definitively proven, there are some things you can try with your diet that could make a difference for your baby’s colic. If changing your diet doesn’t work to reduce or eliminate colic in your baby, nothing has been further harmed. And if it does work, you’ve saved yourself and your baby a lot of stressful hours.

It’s generally believed that if your baby has a food allergy to something you are eating, the allergens will be passed through the breast milk, and your baby will have difficulty digesting. This leads to stomach cramping and other intestinal distress, which leads to a fussy little boy or girl.

The most common food allergy for babies is cow’s milk. Therefore, it’s generally the first thing you should try cutting from your diet. Most experts suggest cutting it out for at least a week so that there is enough time to discern whether it is making any difference in your baby’s colic.

Of course, if you cut out cow’s milk, you will need to take a supplement or find some other source of calcium. Many women find that drinking goat’s milk is preferable.

After you have tried eliminating cow’s milk, you can try eliminating other foods which may be causing your baby to have an allergic reaction. You can eliminate these in any order, but it’s best to only cut one type of food at a tie, so you can accurately tell which food is causing the problems. Some of the common foods which can cause problems for breast fed babies include:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Wheat
  • Onions
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Spicy Foods

Foods which create gas in adults are also believed to be a contributing factor in colic for breast fed babies, so you might consider laying off (or going very light on) any foods in your diet which give you gas. Reducing caffeine intake is also believed to be helpful.

Of course, there is no solid proof that changing your diet will have any effect at all on your baby’s colic, but many mothers attest to the notion that these kinds of dietary changes have had a significant effect on the severity of their baby’s bouts of colic. And as with most home remedies, if the rumors persist over multiple generations, the reason is usually because it works.

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