Common Complains After Baby Comes

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Your baby’s first few weeks of life are an amazing time, as you get to know your little one and as you begin to bond with that tiny person that is going to play such a big role in your lie. From her first word until the day she chooses your nursing home, this little miracle is going to be one of the most precious things in your life.

What’s especially wonderful about this time, as well, is that your pregnancy complaints are, for the most part, over. Sure, you won’t lose all of your pregnancy weight for a while, but your belly is going to be a whole lot less obtrusive, and create a lot less strain on the rest of your body as your center of gravity changes once again and things seem to get back to normal.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all peaches and cream. Sometimes, there are physical ailments that you might experience after childbirth. Now, we’re not only talking about those first few days after childbirth, as there is plenty of discomfort for a number of reasons. No, we’re also thinking more like weeks down the road.

Many women, for example, experience sore breasts during that postpartum phase. This can come from clogged milk ducts or engorgement. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to sore breasts, from herbal remedies to breast compresses to cabbage leaves. There are lotions and creams and butters and more. This isn’t something you have to deal with if you don’t want to.

Hemorrhoids are often a problem following childbirth, too. They may creep up right away, or you may have had them from when you were pregnant. For some women, it can take some time for hemorrhoids to appear after childbirth. Here again, there are remedied. Creams, lotions, sprays and more are available, in both medicinal and herbal varieties.

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