Dealing With Athlete’s Foot During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy creates a whole new set of rules in terms of how you treat common ailments. For example, morning sickness is more complicated to treat than simple nausea, because many of the medications that are designed to help with nausea either are not safe for a pregnant woman or her baby, or they have not been sufficiently tested to be safe for pregnant women or their babies.

The same principle holds true for athlete’s foot. While some of the anti-fungal creams that are designed to treat athlete’s foot may be safe to use during pregnancy, the anti-fungal tablets that are prescribed by a health care provider tend to pose more of a risk. Even in the case of topical creams, there are variations that are not recommended for use to deal with athlete’s foot during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are more natural ways that you can go about dealing with athlete’s foot during pregnancy.

One natural way to deal with athlete’s foot during pregnancy is through the use of a herbal foot bath. While there are a variety of herbal foot bath products available, you would obviously want to choose one that has herbs or essential oils in it that will help to get rid of the fungus. There are even herbal foot baths that are specifically formulated for use by pregnant women. In addition to helping you as you are dealing with athlete’s foot, these herbal foot baths can help to soothe your tired and swollen feet. Many of these foot baths contain other soothing or medicinal herbs as well, such as rosemary, peppermint, thyme, yarrow, and lavender.

If your athlete’s foot is especially severe or if it is spreading rapidly, you should speak with your health care provider. If left untreated the fungus could, eventually, lead to other problems or conditions that might cause difficulty for you or for the baby that is in your womb.

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