Dealing with Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum depression is one of those things that probably doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as it should. The fact of the matter is that many women may not give postpartum depression even a single thought until they start to feel it themselves. Postpartum depression can cause a number of problems for the new mother. At the very least, it takes some of the new mother’s joy away that she should be experiencing with her new baby. Understanding what postpartum depression is, as well as what might put you at risk, can help you to better watch out for it and be ready to deal with it if it arises.

Postpartum depression is more than just feeling a little blue on occasion after pregnancy. Most women will have some “baby blues” from time to time. Postpartum depression, however, involves persistent or severe feelings of helplessness, loss, guild, and anxiety. Your doctor can help you determine whether or not you’re experiencing postpartum depression, so it’s worth talking to her if you think you might.

There are some contributing factors that tend to be found among women who experience postpartum depression. Many women have a personal history or a family history of depression. If you’re having trouble with your relationship with your spouse, that can contribute, as well. A variety of health factors, especially thyroid problems, seem to be involved, too. You can, of course, develop postpartum depression even if you don’t have any of these risk factors, but they’re something to be aware of at the very least.

Postpartum depression is treatable. While treatment may be a little different than it is for women who aren’t breastfeeding, for example, the fact of the matter is that there are many options available to the woman with postpartum depression. Therapy, medications, and even lifestyle changes can help you get your postpartum depression under control, and take back charge of your life.

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