Diaper Rash: Letting Baby Air Out

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Diaper rash is one of the most common problems parents with babies deal with these days. Fortunately, most cased of diaper rash will go away by themselves in a day or less. All but the most severe diaper rash will go away when treated with a zinc oxide cream.

With that said, diaper rash is painful and uncomfortable for babies, and it’s better to avoid it altogether if possible. And most diaper rash is avoidable. Diaper rash is caused by a combination of too much moisture close to baby’s skin and the inability of baby’s skin to “breathe” because of the diaper.

Most diaper rash can be avoided simply by choosing to use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers, which are generally made out of cotton, are much more porous than plastic disposable diapers, and allow baby’s skin to breathe a lot more. Many advances have been made in recent years in the way cloth diapers are made, making them much more convenient to use than in years past. In fact, most of today’s cloth diapers use disposable liners and are just as convenient as the average disposable diaper.

If, for one reason or another, you don’t feel that you can use cloth diapers, at least choose disposable diapers that are somewhat breathable. The ones that are made out of a more cloth-like material instead of plastic are much better for your baby’s bottom and could help her to get diaper rash less often.

Additionally, there is some evidence that breastfed babies get diaper rash less often than formula fed babies. If you are able to, consider breastfeeding your baby.

Of course, changing your baby frequently and making sure to wash and dry her bottom completely can help prevent diaper rash. If your baby gets diaper rash regularly, consider washing her bottom with a soft cloth and warm water instead of using diaper wipes, which may irritate her skin.

Finally, it’s a good idea to let baby air out for a while without a diaper on after you change her. Simply lay baby down someplace safe and leave her without a diaper or other covering for a few minutes. Most babies enjoy the “naked time” and won’t fuss about it.

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