Disciplining a Spirited Toddler

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The process of parenting a toddler that is spirited can be very much like a roller coaster, with regular ups and downs.  Some days will drain us completely, trying to avoid discipline problems and fits.  While a spirited toddler can be a tremendous joy to be around, parenting a spirited child can keep a parent on their toes, and can literally be exhausting.

The most important things to keep in mind when disciplining a spirited toddler is to try to remain proactive and positive.  If you know that a child, for example, doesn’t like to quit playing in order to come to the dinner table, try to make for an easier transition.  Let the child know when there is only 10 minutes left to play, and then when there is only 5 minutes, and then one minute.  By helping to be proactive, you can hopefully avoid some of the tension, yelling, crying, and fit-throwing that is all too common with the spirited toddler.  Keeping those transition times smooth will go a long way in helping you to discipline your spirited toddler.

Perhaps one of the best tools that parents of a spirited toddler have in terms of discipline is planning.  Always having an activity of some sort available for your spirited toddler to engage in can help him from becoming too bored.  Being bored is one of the worst things that can happen to a spirited toddler, as it will promote all sorts of aberrant behavior.

Finally, it is important to recognize that the spirited child is, most of the time, not trying to be bad.  They just have a lot of energy, and they can’t stand to be unoccupied.  Ultimately, being spirited may very well help your child when he or she grows up into becoming a productive and successful adult member of society.

In the long run, parenting a spirited toddler can be a rewarding and positive experience. Some of the most successful people start out as spirited toddlers. It’s all a matter of keeping the toddler safe and helping to direct that energy in order to maximize her odds for success and minimize your frustration level.

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