Essential Oils For Morning Sickness

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Essential Oils have been used for many years as a way to help people with a variety of ailments. Essential oils are generally used in treatments such as aromatherapy, and are generally not taken internally. Having said that, essential oils have been used for flavorings for food and drinks, in cosmetics and perfumes, in incense, in household cleaning products and even in some types of medications. The essential oils of a given plant may have certain properties that can help to treat any number of different conditions, from anxiety to backache to the common cold. There are even essential oils that you can use for morning sickness.

One of the most common essential oils that you can use during pregnancy to help with morning sickness is essential oils from ginger root. Ginger has been used for centuries to alleviate nausea and vomiting. Whether the nausea is due to morning sickness or whether it is from some other condition, such as motion sickness, ginger has been proven effective over and over gain. Using ginger-based essential oils can help with your morning sickness. Other specific essential oils for morning sickness can include things like fennel and peppermint, as well. For some women, lime may help too.

There are some oils that should be avoided during pregnancy that have been demonstrated to be generally harmful. These essential oils are often prohibited in general. They would include cotton lavender, wormwood, birch, rue, and wintergreen. Other banned oils that should always be avoided, pregnant or not, include Almond Bitter, Boldo, Cassia, and Wormseed. There are also some other essential oils to avoid during pregnancy. These oils mimic a hormonal reaction, and should be avoided. Essentials oils such as Aniseed, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Tarragon, Juniper, Sagen, Hyssop, Camphor, Rosemary, and Basil fall into this category. Some essential oils, known as abortifacent oils, should be completely avoided during pregnancy. In addition to some of the other ones mentioned, such as Pennyroyal, Rue, Sage, Thuga, Tansy, and Wormwood, Mugwort, Savin, and Sassafras fall into the abortifacent category.

You can use essential oils for morning sickness in a variety of forms. You can use a spray or spritz, for example, that has the essential oils that you want to use for morning sickness. You can put a drop of the essential oil on a cloth and use it as a compress. Generally, it is not recommended that you ingest essential oils during pregnancy without speaking with your health care provider.

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