Good Herbs To Use While Breastfeeding

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Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years. Herbs have been used for any number of purposes, from helping with something like nausea, to being used as an aphrodisiac. Herbs are even useful for the woman who is breastfeeding. There are herbs that can affect a mother’s supply of milk, both in terms of increasing it and in terms of decreasing it. There are also herbs that can be used while breastfeeding to relieve the soreness and cracking of the nipples that often takes place during breastfeeding. There are even herbs to use while breastfeeding that can help with engorgement.

The first soft of herbs to use while breastfeeding can help to increase the amount of breast milk that a mother produces. Some of these herbs would be herbs like fenugreek, alfalfa, and blessed thistle. Each of these herbs contains what are known as galactagogues. Galactagogues are substances that will help with breastfeeding by increasing a woman’s supply of breast milk.

On the flip side of things, there are herbs that can help to decrease the amount of breast milk that a mother produces. These herbs work in the opposite way that the above herbs work. These herbs help to decrease the woman’s supply of breast milk, rather than increase it. These herbs will include parsley, sage, and a variety of other herbal ingredients.

There are also herbs that can help with breastfeeding by providing mom some comfort. You can get these herbs either in the form of a breast cream or nipple butter, or you can use the herbs directly through a breast compress of some sort or another.. These herbs will often be based on things like cabbage leaves and black tea, which have been used for decades by nursing moms to relieve sore breasts, are effective herbs for breastfeeding. In addition to these, calendula blossoms, marshmallow root, and plantain are also herbs that can help with breastfeeding by soothing sore breasts.

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