How Can I Help My Baby’s Chapped Skin?

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Unfortunately for many parents, a baby’s skin is one of the most delicate and precious things they will have to care for. Because a baby’s skin is still so soft and vulnerable, it is not uncommon for a baby’s skin to become chapped, for example. Yet, many of the products that are made for chapped skin are designed to be used by adults. In addition, many of the products available to help your baby’s chapped skin may have ingredients that are not necessarily the safest to be using on your baby.

An example of one of these types of ingredients is propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is one of the ingredients that is commonly found in certain kinds of skin lotions. Propylene glycol has caused a variety of problems in research studies. It is thought that this chemical can cause any number of skin problems. Yet, many products that are designed for use on skin do contain this ingredient, although this is becoming less and less the case as more and more data about propylene glycol becomes available, and as each new study shows another possible problem with the chemical. Lotions that contain propylene glycol, then, are not the best way to help your baby’s chapped skin.

There are things you can do to help your baby’s chapped skin, however. Many times, a little bit of baby oil will be just enough to help out. IN some cases, you might consider using cortisone cream, which is a skin treatment that is available over the counter. Of course, you should check with your health care provider before using any product like this that is not especially designed to be used on your baby’s chapped skin.

There are some more natural ways to help your baby’s chapped skin, as well. There are herbal lotions that may be of some help. These lotions have some advantages over other lotions in that they almost never contain propylene glycol, and that they very often have herbal ingredients that will not only help your baby’s chapped skin, but help your baby in other sorts of ways, as well.

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