How Can Men Increase Their Fertility?

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When we think about fertility problems, we almost always first think about the amazing advances in medical technology that have taken place in recent decades. From procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization to medications like Clomid, most of these solutions only address specific types of fertility problems, in that they are designed to help women increase their fertility. However, some research suggests that fertility problems are relatively evenly split between the sexes. Around 40% of couples who experience fertility problems have a problem with the woman’s fertility. Around another 40% of couples who experience fertility problems have a problem with the man’s fertility. The remaining 20% tend to be cases in which there are problems for both the men and the women. Fortunately for men, there are things that they can do to increase their fertility.

The first thing that men can do to increase their fertility is to watch the issue of heat. It is believed that heat on a man’s testicles will cause problems with sperm production. Often, some men may find that they can increase their fertility just by switching to underwear that are not as tight. In this same vein, men that are trying to conceive should avoid hot tubs and saunas, as these will produce the same type of heat. Even hot baths should generally be avoided by men that want to be able to increase their fertility.

Lifestyle changes can also help men increase their fertility. There is research to suggest, for example, that smoking tobacco can cause a man to have fertility problems. Specifically, it is thought that smoking can lead to a low sperm count. In addition, the use of certain illicit drugs, as well as some types of prescription medications, may have an affect on a man’s fertility as well.

There are also a variety of nutritional and vitamin supplements that may help men increase their fertility. These might include ingredients such as Vitamin C, lycopene, Zinc, and Ginseng. While most of these have not been proven in clinical studies to actually help men increase their fertility, some men have experienced a rise in fertility while taking these medications.

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