How Can Women Increase Their Fertility?

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There are a variety of ways that women can increase their fertility. When we think about women increasing their fertility we often immediately think of fertility procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization, or fertility medications such as Clomid. Medical research has provided these, as well as a great many of other ways for women to increase their fertility, in the past few decades. However, these medical solutions are not always right for every woman. There are some women, for example, that just won’t respond to a medication like Clomid. There are also women who would prefer, if at all possible, to avoid any sort of “artificial” means of increasing their fertility, and prefer to rely on more natural means of increasing their fertility.

One of the best ways for a woman to increase her fertility is by maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. The foods that you eat can impact the balance of hormones that exist in your body, which can impact your fertility. In addition, avoiding foods that are known or are thought to contribute to infertility is another diet-based way that women can help to increase their fertility. Finally, women who are either underweight or overweight may also find that their situation is affecting their fertility, as women in a middle weight range are thought to have the best chances when trying to conceive.

There are lifestyle changes that women can make to increase their fertility as well. Alcohol, at least in large amounts, is especially known to decrease a woman’s fertility. Some studies suggest that women who drank little or no alcohol had literally twice the chances of becoming pregnant over a six-month time span when compared with women who drank more alcohol. In addition, quitting smoking is also thought to be a way that women can increase their fertility.

There are also nutritional and vitamin supplements that may help women increase their fertility. While these products haven’t been approved by the FDA, they do seem to have worked for at least some women.

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