How Long After My LH Surge Should I Ovulate?

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With so many options in terms of fertility products that are available on today’s market, it is important that the couple that are trying to conceive be informed about exactly how and why those products work, and what the results of those products mean. For example, it does little good for a woman to track her basal body temperature all month without knowing what she is looking for, in terms of results, and how it affects conception. This is certainly the case with ovulation predictor kits and ovulation tests. Knowing how an ovulation test works can give you an extra edge in terms of knowing when to time your conception.

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Ovulation tests are designed to work by measuring the amount of LH, or Luteinizing Hormone, that is present in a woman’s system. During her monthly cycle, the level of LH in a woman’s system should be fairly regular. If you take an ovulation test every day of the month, around 26 or 27 days will show the same amount of LH in your system. Near ovulation, however, this changes a bit. Your LH levels will surge just before you ovulate. For most women, the LH surge will come somewhere between 12 and 48 hours before she actually starts to ovulate. The average time from the start of the LH surge until ovulation is somewhere around 36 hours.

When a woman experiences her LH surge, it is prime time for conception. This is because the sperm can live for several days once it is inside the woman’s body, and so it will be ready once she ovulates. If you have a regular cycle and tend to ovulate at the same time every month, after several months of pinpointing your LH surge you could also go about trying to conceive the day before the LH surge occurs.

By tracking your LH surge using an ovulation test, you can better time your attempts at conception, and thereby increase the likelihood that you will be successful.

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