How Will I Know If My Infant Is Teething?

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The time that an infant starts teething can vary greatly from one infant to the next. In addition, some infants will have a much harder and more painful time with teething than other infants will have with teething. One infant, for example, might have a tooth pop out overnight, whereas another infant may have several weeks where a tooth can be seen in the gum only as a lump. Generally speaking an infant will start teething around 7 months of age, although it is not uncommon for an infant to start teething as early as 3 months of age or as late as 12 months of age.

Knowing if your infant is teething can be a challenge. Even experts disagree as to what the symptoms might be that will let you know your infant is teething. Still, there are some common symptoms that are often cited that can suggest to you that your infant is teething.

One way to know if your infant is teething is to watch for signs around the mouth. Your baby may start to drool more than normal, for example. Teething is known to increase the amount of drooling that an infant does. In addition, this extra saliva that causes drooling may also cause your infant to gag or cough, which can be another sign of teething. Also, you may know that your infant is teething if he is chewing and biting down on just about everything that he sees. This includes not only placing things in their mouth, which infants tend to do anyways, but actually putting pressure down, which may help to alleviate some of the pressure in their mouth from teething.

There are other things you can look for to know if your infant is teething as well. Irritability, a low-grade fever, diarrhea, and even ear pulling are all things that commonly occur with teething. Of course, these things tend to have other possible causes, as well, so be certain to rule those causes out before you assume for certain that your infant is teething.

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