I’m Not Experiencing Morning Sickness, Should I Be Concerned?

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Far from the old wives tales of days gone by, the fact of the matter is that, even if you are not experiencing morning sickness, there is not necessarily a reason to be concerned. There is no research that suggests that there would be a link between experiencing morning sickness and any problem with the pregnancy that should raise a concern. If you aren’t experiencing morning sickness, far from being concerned, you should see yourself as being one of the lucky ones. All told, around a third of pregnant women will not experience morning sickness.

One of the things about morning sickness that makes it difficult to understand is that, we really don’t know what exactly it is that causes a woman to be experiencing morning sickness. There are some studies that suggest that there may be some sort of a link or another between the changing levels of hormones that take place in a woman’s body while she is pregnant and morning sickness. Other theories suggest that experiencing morning sickness may have more to do with something as simple as the increase sense of smell that many women experience during pregnancy. Regardless of what is causing you to experience or to not experience morning sickness, there really does not appear to be a reason to be concerned.

Some studies have suggested, however, that there may be a link between a woman who does not experience any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever, other than a missed period, and miscarriage. Especially of note is the fact that women who experienced no pregnancy symptoms at all until the very end of their first trimester of pregnancy seemed to be more likely to miscarriage than women who began to experience pregnancy symptoms in the first six weeks of pregnancy. Still, these studies are ongoing, and there is a lot more research that needs to be done in this regard. As with any other concern you have, if you are concerned about your pregnancy, you should speak with your health care provider.

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