Is It Safe To Use An Antifungal Medication During Pregnancy?

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Antifungal medications have many uses. They can be used to treat candidiaasis (yeast infections). Antifungal medications can be used to treat fungus conditions on the nails, such as can occur with athlete’s foot. Antifungal medications can be very effective at treating any number of different sorts of fungus-based infections or conditions. Unfortunately for the woman who is pregnant, there are some concerns about the safety of antifungal medications when it comes to their use during pregnancy.

Antifungal medications are considered Category C medications in regard to their use during pregnancy. This means that they have shown risks to animals during pregnancy, but have not been studied in human beings. For the most part, a health care provider will not prescribe an antifungal medication to a pregnant woman unless the risk of the fungal infection outweighs the potential risk to the woman’s baby. This is generally the case with ingested antifungal medications; it is not clear whether or not there are the same safety concerns when it comes to using topical antifungal medications during pregnancy.

In most cases, a pregnant woman may wish to consider treating the fungus in a different manner during pregnancy, out of concern for the safety of her baby. For example, if a woman has athlete’s foot, she can try a herbal foot bath. There are herbal foot baths that are even specifically formulated to help get rid of athlete’s foot in a pregnant woman. In addition to helping you as you are dealing with athlete’s foot, these herbal foot baths can help to soothe your tired and swollen feet. Many of these foot baths contain other soothing or medicinal herbs as well, such as rosemary, peppermint, thyme, yarrow, and lavender.

If you have a fungal infection and are pregnant, you should speak with your health care provider. Your health care provider will be able to assess the risks involved with the fungal infection, and to help you decide on the best treatment path.

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