Look, Ma! No Hands!

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Somewhere around a year old, your baby will take that giant leap from pulling herself up with the help of mom, dad, furniture, and anything else that happens to be handy to making that first wobbly attempt to stand on her own two feet without holding on to anything else. It’s a moment no parent wants to miss, seeing baby proudly display this newly developed skill. And, before you know it, standing turns to walking, running, climbing, jumping, and all kinds of fun stuff.

There are a few adjustments you’ll want to make once baby starts showing the ability to stand up on her own, however. With this newfound freedom comes a whole host of new things that baby can get into. Things which it is your sword duty to make sure never fall into her hands.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is clear all of the coffee tables. Make sure you don’t leave coins or hot mugs sitting unattended where baby can grab them. You’ll also want to ensure that anything baby could use to pull herself up in stable. This isn’t a good time to have TV trays out. Things like that can cause your baby to fall and hurt herself. There’s no way to totally prevent baby from falling down. It’s all part of the learning process. But, you can minimize the chances that she’s going to pull something down on top of herself when she does.

By now you should already have your baby’s crib on the lowest setting. If you don’t, lower it immediately. When baby can stand, she can fall out of a crib on any but the lowest setting. Additionally, you’ll want to watch your baby closely to see if she’s trying to climb. Once babies can stand, it doesn’t take long before they can climb. Before your baby starts climbing, remove bumper pads and anything else she could use as a foothold to get up and over the side of the crib. When she does start trying to climb, you’ll want to either move her on to a toddler bed or consider using crib netting to keep her from falling out.

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