Losing Weight by Breastfeeding

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If we’re honest, most of us are eager to lose the baby weight as soon as we can after baby is born. It’s one thing to have a big belly when we’re pregnant, but no one wants to carry around a lot of extra weight afterwards. Believe it or not, studies consistently show that one of the best things you can do to lose weight after your baby is born is to breast feed her.

We all know that breastfeeding is healthy for our babies. Experts typically recommend that you feed your baby nothing but breast milk for the first six months after you give birth. In addition to being healthier for your baby, it carries several benefits for you, including:

  • Self esteem.
  • Lower instances of post partum depression.
  • Lower instances of breast cancer
  • Lower instances of osteoporosis later in life.
  • Closer attachment with baby.

Of course, this is all in addition to the fact that you will find it easier to shed those excess pounds when you are breastfeeding your baby. Lactation, as it turns out, is really good exercise. By simply breastfeeding exclusively, you can burn as many calories per day as you would if you spent two hours jogging or doing some other kind of light aerobic workout.

Most of us don’t have the kind of time, to say nothing of energy, to spend two hours every day exercising, especially when our babies are small and need to eat every three hours or so. Breastfeeding is nature’s way of taking care of our needs and baby’s needs all at the same time. Baby receives the most nutritious food on the planet (for babies, anyhow) and you burn 600 calories per day. Everyone wins.

Of course, losing weight after you give birth takes more than just breastfeeding. It’s still important to eat a nutritious diet and to exercise regularly. But, if you breastfeed your baby, take her out for regular walks, and eat a sensible diet, you’ll find that you drop the weight a lot quicker than others who bottle feed their babies will.

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