Quick Tips for Postpartum Weight Loss

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Losing weight after your baby is born can be as challenging as getting a good night’s sleep. Indeed, many women struggle greatly with postpartum weight loss. Some women gain weight during their pregnancy and, while they do drop a few pounds when the baby is born, will keep much of that baby weight through the rest of their lives.

Gaining weight during your childbearing years is commonplace, although it doesn’t have to be the case. There are some relatively simple things that you can do after your baby is born to lost not only the baby weight, but the rest of the extra weight that’s been creeping up on you for the past several months. And, believe it or not, you don’t have to spend six hours a day in the gym beating yourself up to do it.

Here are three quick tips for postpartum weight loss:

  • Develop a walking habit. You don’t have to jog, do Pilates, or even start a heavy aerobics class to lose weight. Simply walking every day for about half an hour can keep you from gaining weight, and will over time help you get rid of unwanted pounds, as well. During the colder months, move indoors to your favorite local gym, or join a walking club at your friendly neighborhood mall.
  • Turn off the TV. Studies show that women who view more than two hours of TV every day will gain weight. Turn off the TV, and you’ll find you’re burning calories and being productive at the same time. In fact, reducing your TV intake is almost always a surefire way to start losing weight, whether or not you’re postpartum.
  • Reduce your intake of saturated fats. Avoid trans fats altogether, which isn’t too hard these days thanks to decent product labeling. Choose lean meats, and consider trading beef or pork for fish at least once a week.

These three basic tips will give you a leg up when it comes to losing pregnancy weight. In fact, your postpartum weight loss should be about 75 percent more successful than women who don’t follow these three basic tips.

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