Relieving Your Baby’s Gas

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Gas is just one of those things that babies have to deal with. Unfortunately, for some babies, it may be somewhat difficult to pass gas from time to time. Other babies have gas more often than some babies do. If you have a baby with both of these conditions – she is very gassy, but also has trouble passing that gas – it can be a very difficult combination.

Several different things can cause your baby to have gas. For the newborn baby, gas is something that occurs naturally because of digesting lactose and other ingredients found both in breast milk and in baby formula.

Not only that, babies often take an air bubble in via the mouth, especially during feeding. This, as a matter of fact, is why you want to burp your baby regularly during the feeding process. About once every four minutes or so is a good rule of thumb.

For some babies, even overstimulation can cause gas. Just like an older child or an adult may get an upset belly when they experience stress or sensory overload, the same thing can happen to a baby.

Here are some ways to reduce your baby’s gas:

  • Burp your baby during feeding. Here again, you should do this about every four minutes or so. This will help expel air that’s stuck in your baby’s stomach.
  • Try infant massage. There are a variety of infant massage techniques you can use that will not only help relieve your baby’s gas, but will help with bonding with your baby and make him more comfortable.
  • Consider gripe water or herbal remedies. There are a number of different products meant for helping baby deal with gas. Gripe water, for example, contains specific nutrients and herbs that can reduce your baby’s gas greatly.

Gas isn’t something you can avoid entirely. Every baby is going to have some gas. It’s actually a sign that things in the digestive tract are working properly. When your baby is upset because of gas, however, you can follow some of these tips to help her get some relief and to make her more comfortable.

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