Should I Use My Probiotic On An Empty Stomach?

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Probiotics are a wonderful new type of nutritional supplement. Live, beneficial bacteria, probiotics are the same type of bacteria that are found naturally in the body’s ecosystem. These bacteria are an important part of our health, and they perform a number of important functions.

The bacteria that make up probiotics serve a variety of functions in a person’s body. The largest concentration of these bacteria in the human body, and one of the most important systems impacted by these bacteria, is the digestive or gastrointestinal system. The balance of bacteria in the digestive system, also called “gut flora,” contribute to a variety of important functions. These gut flora, for example, help the development of the digestive system. They help with the process of digestion. They help the digestive system to be able to absorb various minerals and other nutrients. They even help with the way that the body synthesizes vitamins. It is also thought that these bacteria help the immune system, and create a protective barrier that can keep out infections, allergens, and toxins.

Probiotics should, if possible, be taken on a full stomach, rather than on an empty stomach. If you take a probiotic on an empty stomach, it will possibly be eaten by your stomach acid. If there it food in your stomach, it allows the probiotics to go out and function in the way that they are supposed to function. While this does not mean that using your probiotic on an empty stomach will prevent it from working, it does mean that it may be less effective that if you had used your probiotic with a full stomach.

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