Staying Calm with a Colicky Baby

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Colic can be extremely tough to deal with, especially if it strikes your first baby. Let’s face it: as new parents, we’re desperately trying to figure out this whole baby thing as it is, and when you throw in tense crying sessions which tend to last for hours on end, it can be downright nerve wracking.

Here’s the good news: colic doesn’t last forever. And it generally isn’t your fault. Your baby will be fine, and you really, truly, don’t need to be overly worried. Take her to the doctor just to rule out the possibility that it could be something ore serious, and then do your best to relax. We know it isn’t easy when the baby is screaming, but the whole experience will go better for you if you learn to take a breath and stay calm.

Colic is loosely defined as a condition in which babies (who are generally three months old or younger) cry continuously and inconsolably for three hours or more at a time, three or more times per week for a period of three or more weeks. Of course, most parents come to the conclusion that their baby has colic long before the third hour of the third day of the third week. Even new parents catch on more quickly than that.

If your baby has colic, the best thing you can do for her (and yourself) is to remain as calm as possible. The baby is already (obviously) upset. Getting overly tense will not only fail to solve the problem, but may even make it worse, as babies will feel your tension and respond to it.

You area a capable adult, and you can make it through this. In the meanwhile, here are some of the best tips to help you stay calm while it seems like the baby is going crazy:

  • Hand off. Don’t be afraid to tag team this parenting thing. Parenting is supposed to be a partnership anyway. When you find yourself growing overly tense, let your partner take over. The baby needs time with both of you and each of you needs a little time away from the crying baby.
  • Don’t be afraid to lay a crying baby down. We know, it goes against every instinct you have, but there are times when you are growing tense in which you will help your baby more by laying her inside her safe crib and taking a step outside for a few minutes. If the baby keeps crying, that’s fine. Get yourself together and then you will be able to better soothe your baby.
  • Pray. We certainly don’t want to push this on anyone, but if you believe in God, then talk to Him. Many people of many different faiths claim that prayer helps them to stay calm in the midst of trying situations.
  • Sing. Singing a soothing song often calms babies down. Even if it doesn’t, it may help calm you down.

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