Surviving the First Three Months

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The time has finally come and your baby is finally here. Congratulations. You’ve probably already figured out that you’re going to be losing a little sleep for a while. Chances are you already knew (in theory at least) that you’d spend some sleepless nights after your baby was born, but it takes actually living through it for a while to understand just what it can do to you.

There’s nothing quite like going a week or so being wakened every time you finally get into a good sleep. Unfortunately, new parents can expect it for the first three to four months. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make this time easier for yourself:

  • Keep in mind that it won’t last forever. It may be hard to believe it right now, but you will look back on these middle of the night feedings and diaper changes fondly. Most babies start working towards sleeping through the night when they’re about five months old.
  • Take turns caring for baby. If you’re bottle feeding, you can truly take turns. Even if you aren’t, mom can do the feeding and dad can do the changing and rocking back to sleep. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect your partner to chip in with the baby, even if you are breastfeeding.
  • Make sure everything you need is close at hand. Place diapers, wipes, bottles, nipples, formula, burp cloths, and anything else you might need in a convenient place close to the baby’s crib. The more accessible all of your baby need items are, the more quickly you will be able to soothe baby, and the sooner everyone can get back to sleep.
  • Take naps. Lots of naps. Your baby will sleep an average of 16 hours per day for the first three months. Join her for some of those naps. She won’t sleep more than two to four hours at a time, so you won’t be able to either, but you can take several short naps right along with her. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Get plenty of exercise. It may sound crazy, but getting more exercise will give you more energy. Take baby out for walks. She’ll love it, it will help relax her, and you’ll feel better, too.
  • Eat healthy. The better you are eating, the more energy you will have for taking care of your baby.

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