Taking Baby for a Walk

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Most women should begin getting at least some exercise within six to eight weeks after bringing baby into the world. Of course, you should consult your doctor if you have any conditions which might hinder you from getting exercise, but for most of us, we are ready to start getting into shape by the time baby is two months old.

One of the best ways to give yourself some exercise while also providing a great experience for your baby is taking your baby for a walk. The exercise is great for you, and the fresh air is good for both of you.

One of the first things you should do, preferably before you actually have the baby, is choose a good stroller that is comfortable for you. There are many different kinds of strollers, and They’re not exactly one size fits all. Things you should consider when choosing a stroller include where you will be using it (on a sidewalk? In the mall?) and how well it fits your height.

Small umbrella style strollers are great because they store away easily and don’t take up much space. But unless you’re on the shorter side, you don’t want to bend over and push them for any significant amount of time.

Your best bet is to find a stroller with adjustable handles so that you can set them at a comfortable angle. Ideally, you should be able to stand up straight while you are pushing baby’s stroller, rather than having to stoop down or hunch your shoulders.

If you are planning on using your stroller on the sidewalk, it’s best to use a walking or jogging stroller. These strollers are typically larger and have three wheels which resemble bicycle tires. The larger tires allows you to push the stroller over uneven surfaces better without jostling yourself or the baby.

Of course, even with a jogging stroller, you should try to keep to relatively level surfaces. Too much bouncing around isn’t good for you or the baby, especially when you are first starting out and baby is only two or three months old. Try to find a smooth sidewalk. If the sidewalks in your neighborhood aren’t well kept, consider driving to a park and walking there.

One of the nicest things about taking baby for a walk is that it is an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Mom and dad can take turns pushing the stroller. Older kids might even enjoy taking a turn at taking baby for a walk. If you have another toddler, you can always put him in a double stroller with your baby. Or, if you prefer, your older child can walk along with you.

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