The Best of Times

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To borrow a phrase from a timeless English author, “these are the best of times, these are the worst of times.” The first few months of your baby’s life bring almost constant change for you as parents.

Some of the changes are unbelievably wonderful. The new relationship with your infant son or daughter is life changing, to say the least. There is a sense of fulfillment that just doesn’t quite come from anything else other than holding that completely dependant new life in your arms, the life that you and your partner helped to create. And your baby will grow so fast, reaching new milestones at a dizzying pace.

Some of the changes, of course, are somewhat less pleasant. That middle of the night feeding, especially for the first couple of months while baby needs to eat every two or three hours, can really wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. And most babies go through periods where they cry. A lot. When you’ve done everything in your power to try to help soothe your baby and she still won’t calm down, it can feel like you’re doing something wrong. OR that something is wrong with your baby.

Fortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Most of what you go through as a new parent is normal. Babies cry because that’s the only way they have to communicate at first. Eventually, you will be able to sort out a hungry cry from a tired cry from a mad cry, but until you do, life is going to be a bit of a guessing game in your home as you try to figure out what the baby is crying for.

The real challenge during these times is to keep your cool and composed and able to lovingly take care of your baby even when she is screaming her head off. But take heart, you’re not the first parent who has ever gone through this. A quick survey of your friends with children is likely to show that nearly all of them have gone through the same thing (and the rest are liars).

These times will be over all too soon, so cherish every moment you have with your baby while she is still little. All too soon, midnight feedings will give way to eleven o’clock curfews and you’ll wonder what happened to the tiny little baby you used to be able to hold in your arms. So, even when it costs you some sleep, enjoy these times while you have them.

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