Tips For Increasing Sperm Count

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Having a low sperm count can be an extremely frustrating condition.  Because of the many factors that can contribute to having a low sperm count, medically trying to address a low sperm count can often be a long and complicated process.  In the end, medicine does not always provide a positive answer, either.  Fortunately, there are indeed ways that a man may be able to increase his sperm count naturally, without medical intervention or without the aid of a fertility specialist.

The first way to increase your sperm count naturally is to take some dietary measures.  Your diet should include whole, unprocessed foods.  The best foods to use to help increase your sperm count naturally are thought to be whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  In addition, Raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds have been shown to help with male fertility.  It is recommended that a man with a low sperm count eat 1/4 cup of raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds each day. Keeping to organic foods and avoiding drugs or alcohol may also be able to help increase your sperm count naturally.

There are also varieties of vitamin supplements that may be able to assist you with increasing your sperm count naturally.  They include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc Arginine, and Carnitine.  A variety of herbal remedies, from Maca to Goshkura to Extracts Vriddadaru may also be ways to help increase your sperm count naturally.  There are a variety of herbal and vitamin supplements available over the counter that may contain some of these sorts of ingredients.

Ultimately, in some cases, a low sperm count cannot be increased, whether medically or naturally.  In some cases, the cause of a low sperm count may not even be known.  However, it is often worth the effort for you to try to find some ways to increase your sperm count naturally, in addition to seeking medical assistance with a low sperm count.

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