Tools for Postpartum Comfort

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If you’ve just had a baby, you don’t want to have to be constantly running to the store. It’s not that simple anymore anyways; you’ve got to bundle up your little one, drive them with you, and then lug them around the store just so you can pick up some items for postpartum comfort. You’re better off being at least a little bit prepared.

Here are some of the things you want to have waiting for you at home when you get there after delivering your baby:

  • Hemorrhoid medication. For many women, the postpartum period is one in which hemorrhoids are the worst you’ll ever get them. You’ll want to have plenty of Witch Hazel pads on hand, as well as any other hemorrhoid medications you think will be useful. Make sure to check with your doctor, of course, as there may be some types of hemorrhoid medications that aren’t recommended for use when you’re nursing.
  • Sitz bath. A Sitz bath will help bring comfort and soothing to your bottom and the overall birthing area. Make sure you not only have the sitz bath itself, but that you have a good herbal remedy to go in the sitz bath, as well.
  • Heavy pads. You’re going to have quite a bit of discharge after your baby is born, so make sure you’ve got plenty of pads to take care of that. The hospital will send you home with some industrial-strength pads, but you should also have a few on hand in case those aren’t enough.
  • Breast compress. Most women experience some degree or another of discomfort when they first start to breastfeed. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, you may feel pain in your breasts after your baby is born. A herbal breast compress can give you immediate relief when you’re having that kind of pain and discomfort.

Having just a few items on hand after your baby is born can mean the difference between severe postpartum discomfort and a much more relaxed and easier first few weeks of your baby’s life.

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