Using Cabbage Leaves To Comfort Sore Breasts

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The fact of the matter is that most women, at some point or another during or shortly after their pregnancy, will have sore breasts. This is especially true for the woman who has just given birth immediately after birth, a woman’s breasts tend to become engorged with the increased milk production, and this can create not only discomfort but pain as well. The good news is that there are a variety of things that a woman can do during these times in order to comfort her sore breasts.

One method that women have used for many years in order to comfort sore breasts is to use cabbage leaves. This process is fairly straight forward, as well. Simply purchase a plain green cabbage. You will then rinse and dry the leaves, and store them in the refrigerator. After the leaves have cooled, you will take them back out. You will remove the base of the hard core vein, and you will gently pound the leaves. Once the cabbage leaves have been softened, you will wrap them around the areola and the breast. You will want to make sure that the nipple is left exposed. You should experience some relief right away, as the cold often feels good on engorged breasts. You can cover the entire breast, as well as the area under your arms if you wish. You should check your breasts periodically, so that once your breasts are ready to express the breast milk you can pump or nurse. You can use cabbage leaves for longer periods of time, replacing the leaves after every 30 minutes or so. You can use them as much as three times in between feedings, as well.

In addition to using cabbage leaves to comfort sore breasts, there are also herbal breast compresses available that do much the same things as cabbage leaves in terms of helping with breast soreness. In some cases, these compresses may even have cabbage leaves as an ingredient. The advantage to an herbal compress is that, first of all, there is much less in terms of preparation that you need to do. In addition, the other herbs in an herbal breast compress may help comfort your sore breast faster or more efficiently than cabbage leaves alone.

Besides breast compresses, there are also a variety of breast creams and lotions available as well. Some of these may even have cabbage leaves as an ingredient, which may add to their effectiveness at comforting sore breasts.

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