Using Probiotics For Your Baby’s Diarrhea

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One of the best things you can use for your baby’s diarrhea is probiotics. Of all of the various ailments and conditions for which probiotics have been used, helping with diarrhea has perhaps been the topic of more studies than other conditions. Of these studies, many of them have demonstrated that probiotics are specifically useful in helping with diarrhea for infants and small children.

To understand how probiotics can help your baby’s diarrhea, it is important to understand what probiotics are and what they do. Probiotics are actually live bacteria that have been shown to have beneficial effects on the human body. More specifically, probiotics are the same sorts of bacteria that naturally occur in a person’s digestive system. Probiotics help restore the natural balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. Once inside the digestive tract, probiotics help with digestion, help to absorb minerals, help to absorb nutrients, boost the immune system, and help to protect against a variety of pathogens, bad bacteria, and other harmful substances. It is in this regard, in protecting against pathogens, that probiotics work best with helping with diarrhea.

The probiotic L. reuteri, for example, has been proven to significantly help with diarrhea in young children and in infants. L. reuteri accomplishes this by helping to improve the barrier in the gut, and by boosting the immune system. In turn, the probiotics provide quicker recovery from diarrhea. In scientific studies, probiotics helped to reduce the severity, as well as the frequency, of diarrhea. When it comes to diarrhea that is caused as a side effect of taking an antibiotic medication, probiotics tend to be even more effective at helping with that sort of diarrhea.

The evidence that probiotics can help your baby’s diarrhea is compelling. As always, if your baby’s diarrhea is severe, or if your baby has diarrhea for more than a day or so, you should speak with your health care provider. Each year more than 150,000 children wind up in the hospital due to severe diarrhea, and severe diarrhea can be a serious condition for your baby to have.

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