What Are BioBands?

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BioBands are an alternative treatment that can be used for nausea due to any number of various causes, including motion sickness, chemotherapy treatment, and even morning sickness. BioBands, and other similar morning sickness or motion sickness wristbands, operate on the idea that by placing a certain amount of pressure on a certain location of the body you can relieve symptoms of a variety of illnesses. These ideas are based on centuries-old practices such as acupressure.

The advantage of using something like BioBands is that they do not have the same sorts of side effects that many other treatments may have. For example, many of the common nausea medications have side effects that are just unacceptable, such as severe tiredness. For the woman who is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, some of these medications are even known to be dangerous to the pregnant woman or to her baby. In some cases, there have just not been adequate studies to demonstrate how safe a given medication may or may not be for the pregnant woman or for her baby. For this reason, many women who have morning sickness may seek out alternative treatments for their nausea, such as BioBands.

BioBands can be used either after nausea begins, to lessen the severity and the duration of the nausea, or they can be used persistently to avoid nausea. Some people may, for example, use BioBands while they are on a cruise ship to avoid motion sickness. Some pregnant women may wear BioBands at a certain time of the day, when they are generally the most nauseous.

Many people find a relief from their nausea through a combination of methods. There are herbal remedies, such as peppermint or ginger, that are safe alternatives that may help relieve nausea. There are supplements that are designed to relieve specific types of nausea, such as might occur with morning sickness or motion sickness. While not all of these methods, including BioBands, work for everyone, it may be worth trying a variety of alternatives until you are able to find one or more that works for you.

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