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  What Can I Do To Avoid Tearing Of The Perineum During Delivery?

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Tearing of the perineum during delivery is one of the most common sorts of complications that can occur during labor and childbirth. For this reason, many health care providers may wish to perform an episiotomy, in order to reduce the risk that there will be tearing of the perineum during delivery. Still, there are reasons why some women may not wish to have an episiotomy, even if it does mean that there is a certain degree of higher risk in tearing of the perineum.

There are many reasons that a woman might not want to have an episiotomy in order to avoid tearing of the perineum during delivery. For example, she may be worried about the pain that an episiotomy will cause. She may be worried about the recovery that is involved in an episiotomy, which will make her overall recovery from delivery and childbirth that much more difficult. For the woman who doesn’t want an episiotomy, but still doesn’t want an increased risk of tearing of the perineum during delivery, there are some options available.

One option that a woman can consider in order to avoid tearing of the perineum during delivery is to use perineal massage. Perineal massage is performed, simply, by massaging the perineum. The process of massaging the perineum helps to make it more able to stretch and respond during delivery. There are even a number of different perineal massage oils that are specifically designed to be used in perineal massage that can help to avoid tearing of the perineum during delivery. These oils might contain herbs, such as lavender and kuki nut. Blue cohosh, as well as black cohosh, are other herbs that are commonly found in a herbal perineal massage. These herbs are all used because they are thought to help with the elasticity of the perineum, and to help it stretch the way that it needs to stretch during delivery in order to avoid tearing.

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