What Causes Stretch Marks To Fade?

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Stretch marks are, unfortunately, one of the most long-lasting side effects of pregnancy. Stretch marks are actually a scarring on the skin. While stretch marks will naturally become less visible over time, the fact of the matter is that there are relatively few things that can be done to get rid of stretch marks all together. The medical procedures available for removing stretch marks are often expensive, and insurance generally will not pay for a procedure that is, essentially, cosmetic. In addition, not everyone is a good candidate for these sorts of procedures.

There is one guaranteed way to make stretch marks fade, and that is to be patient. Eventually, even the most severe stretch mark will fade in its color. Of course, waiting for this to happen isn’t exactly an appealing option for most people. There are, however, some products available that may cause stretch marks to fade for some women. Typically these products take the form of a cream or of a lotion. One key aspect to making stretch marks less visible with these topical applications is to apply them when the stretch marks are in their early stages, when they still appear to be somewhat reddish or pinkish in color. Many of these products use ingredients such as retinoids and alpha hydroxyacids that are thought to increase both collagen in the skin, as well as the elastic fibers that are in the skin. Other sorts of products are based on herbs. It is believed that these products will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks, making them less visible. Unfortunately, it may take as much as a year for these products to result in a noticeable improvement.

There are also a variety of makeup products that can be used to make stretch marks less visible, if not actually causing them to fade. There are concealers, which are the same sort of cosmetic product that is usually used to cover acne and that sort of thing. Some of these concealer makeups may also have additional benefits, such as containing an ingredient to smooth skin, or containing sunscreen. Here again, there are some herbal remedies that may also accomplish this.

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