What Could Cause A False Positive Pregnancy Test?

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There are any number of things that could cause a false positive pregnancy test. Having said that, it is important to realize that most home pregnancy tests are more than 97% accurate at predicting a pregnancy. Having said all of that, there are indeed those causes that can cause a false positive pregnancy test.

One of the most common things that could cause a false positive pregnancy test is a chemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy is, essentially, a pregnancy that miscarries in the very early days of pregnancy. Most of the time, a chemical pregnancy will never be noticed, and if you did not take the pregnancy test, it would almost certainly not have been notices. While more research needs to be done in this area, it is estimated that somewhere around a quarter of all pregnancies actually end in this sort of a miscarriage.

The use of some medications could cause a false positive pregnancy test, as well. There are medications, especially certain types of fertility-enhancing medications, that actually contain some degree or another of the hormone hCG, which is the hormone that a home pregnancy test checks for. While it is rare that these medications would cause a false positive, they certainly could. These medications include Pregnyl, Profasi, and Novarel, but will generally only produce a false positive if the pregnancy test is taken relatively recently after receiving the fertility medication.

Evaporation lines are another common thing that can cause a false positive pregnancy test. While evaporation lines are not exactly the intended results of a pregnancy test, they certainly can cause some confusion. Evaporation lines are created on a pregnancy test when the urine stream crosses the pregnancy test. The urine then evaporates, and leaves a faint, gray, or colorless line in the test results area on the pregnancy test. No brand of home pregnancy test is truly immune to evaporation lines, although manufacturers have become more creative at avoiding confusion by replacing the simple results line with a “plus” or a “minus” sign that would be hard to mistake.

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