What is a Sitz Bath?

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A sitz bath is, at the most basic level, a bath designed to be used for your bottom. It is, quite literally, a bath that you “sit” in or on. A sitz bath can be used to help with a number of different discomforts and ailments. A sitz bath is especially useful for the woman who has just had a baby, in that it can offer some comfort to the perineum. If the woman has had an episiotomy or if there was perineal tearing, a sitz bath may be able to help out with the healing process. A sitz bath can also be useful for someone who is experiencing severe or painful hemorrhoids.

A sitz bath can be purchased at the store. Generally, this will take the form of a plastic container, much like an inverted top hat, that you place over the toilet. If you don’t want to buy a sitz bath, you can make your own in a bathtub, or in a shallow bucket. The advantage to a sitz bath that you purchase, however, is that they are designed in such a way as to allow you to continually add water to the sitz bath, and allowing the excess to spill over into the toilet.

The water in a sitz bath should be warm, but not hot. A sitz bath should contain salts, such as Epsom salts, or it may contain a different sort of salt. There are also herbal sitz bath products that you can use. These herbal sitz baths will include herbs such as uva ursi, sea salt, yarrow, and probably witch hazel. These herbs can help to soothe sore muscles and to reduce swelling.

A sitz bath should, generally, not be used if you have an infection. If you do have an infection, you will want to speak with your health care provider. It is likely that your health care provider will recommend that you treat the infection first, perhaps with a course of antibiotics, so as to avoid inflaming or aggravating your infection.

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