When Do Stretch Marks Appear During Pregnancy?

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Generally speaking, stretch marks will not appear until some time after the sixth month of pregnancy. To understand why it is that stretch marks appear when they do, it is important to understand what exactly it is that causes stretch marks. Stretch marks most often occur when the skin has been stretched beyond its normal elasticity. This stretching of the skin actually forms a stretch mark, which is actually a type of a scar on the skin. Stretch marks don’t appear until after the sixth month of pregnancy because that is when a woman’s skin is going to do most of its stretching. In some cases, stretch marks won’t actually show up until the stretching of skin is released, after your baby is born.

Stretch marks can occur just about anywhere on the body. In terms of pregnancy, stretch marks most often appear on the abdomen. However, it is not uncommon for stretch marks to appear other places during pregnancy. Pregnancy may result in stretch marks, on the buttocks, hips, lower back, breasts, and upper arms.

Keeping your skin moisturized during pregnancy and after your baby is born can help to reduce stretch marks. There are a variety of creams and lotions that are available to help with this process. Some of these creams and lotions rely on artificial ingredients, which many women who are pregnant or nursing may wish to avoid. Other products rely on natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter, and herbs such as chamomile to help reduce the risks of stretch marks. Once stretch marks occur, some of these same products may help your stretch marks to fade, if not disappear altogether. Having said that, it is relatively rare for stretch marks to ever disappear completely. Whether or not you do anything to try to treat them, stretch marks will eventually fade in color as time goes on, so that eventually they will be less noticeable.

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