When Does Morning Sickness Begin?

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For the vast majority of women, morning sickness doesn’t truly begin until around the sixth week of your pregnancy. Generally speaking, it will continue for several weeks, beginning to subside around the 12th week of pregnancy or so. To be sure, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some women may have morning sickness begin sooner than the sixth week. There are some women who have said that they experience morning sickness as early as the second week of pregnancy, from the time that a fertilized egg implants. Other women may have their morning sickness continue beyond week 12, too. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy tends to be different, as well.

It is estimated that morning sickness is experienced by about 70 percent of women. This makes morning sickness one of the most common signs of pregnancy. Especially when you couple morning sickness with a missed period, it can be a compelling reason to think that you might be pregnant.

There is a very specific biological reason that morning sickness begins around week six of your pregnancy. There is some research that suggests morning sickness is caused, at least in part, by the various changes in hormone levels that take place during pregnancy. This is consistent with what we know about pregnancy. By about week six, your hCG levels are rising. They will continue to rise for several weeks. Generally speaking, they will stabilize at around week 12 of pregnancy. This connection between hCG and pregnancy isn’t necessarily a proven or established fact, but it’s most certainly a plausible theory.

The good news about morning sickness is that, regardless of when it begins, it’s going to end eventually. Most women won’t experience more than mild inconvenience due to morning sickness. If, however, your morning sickness is severe, persistent, or accompanied by prolonged vomiting, you need to make sure you talk to your doctor about the problem. If you can’t keep food down, it’s going to be hard for your body and for your baby to get the nutrition that you both need in order to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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