When Will My Baby Sit Up?

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As parents, we naturally wonder about when our babies are going to hit certain developmental milestones. In addition, we’re anxious to get to the point where our babies can communicate their needs, perform certain actions like feeding themselves and more. Each new skill that your baby learns is like a gift. Whether you’re talking about learning to crawl, developing fine motor skills, learning certain words or another type of milestone, every time your baby reaches one it is a time for celebration.

One of the milestones that parents often look forward to is sitting up. Some parents may worry if their baby isn’t sitting up after a few months. For the most part, your baby is going to work toward those developmental milestones at his own pace. If he doesn’t reach them as soon as another baby, it doesn’t mean he’s delayed. It just means that he’s not quite ready to start performing that particular task.

You need to communicate your concerns to your doctor when it comes to developmental milestones. For example, your doctor isn’t likely to be too worried if your baby is not yet sitting up at four months of age. Still, if your baby isn’t sitting up by about seven months of age, your doctor may want to do some developmental testing just to make sure that there’s not something preventing her from learning to sit up the way that she should.

There are many things that could interfere with your baby’s ability to sit up. There could be cognitive delays that make it so your baby doesn’t yet grasp the concept. There could be physical problems where moving into that position is painful, although there would likely be other signs if that were the case. It could even be that your baby just has a problem with muscle control and can’t yet make those muscles work in order to sit up.

There are a few things that you can do to help encourage your child to start to try to sit up. You can help him up, supporting him with your hands at first. Ultimately, however, your baby isn’t going to sit up until he is ready. For many parents, it’s a matter of waiting until that happens.

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