When Will My Stretch Marks Start To Fade?

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Stretch marks most often occur when the skin has been stretched and then is released. This often happens with pregnancy, but it is also known to happen in cases of rapid weight loss. Dealing with stretch marks can be very frustrating, as there is no cure-all that can just make them disappear. While the fact of the matter is that stretch marks will start to fade on their own, it can often be months or even years before stretch marks start to fade. There are, however, a variety of products that you might consider in order to help stretch marks start to fade.

The sorts of products that can help your stretch marks start to fade will generally take the form of a cream or of a lotion. Some of these sorts of products are based on herbal or natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter. Some of these herbal products help to stimulate collagen in the skin, which will help stretch marks start to fade. Other products rely on more artificial ingredients. These products tend to use ingredients such as retinoids and alpha hydroxyacids that are thought to increase both collagen in the skin, as well as the elastic fibers that are in the skin. Other sorts of products are based on herbs. It is believed that these products will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks, making them less visible.

There are also a variety of makeup products that can be used to make stretch marks less visible. There are, for example, concealers, which are the same sort of cosmetic product that is usually used to cover acne and that sort of thing. Some of these sorts of products may also have additional benefits, such as containing an ingredient to smooth skin, or containing sunscreen. Here again, there are products that rely on artificial ingredients, as well as products that rely on more natural ingredients.

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