Which Herbs Can Help Increase My Supply Of Breast Milk?

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Generally speaking, a mother’s body knows exactly how much breast milk it needs to produce in order to supply all of her baby’s nutritional needs. Having said that, there are times when it can be necessary for a woman to need to increase her supply of breast milk. When a woman works outside of the home and must use a breast pump in order to supply her baby with breast milk when she is not around, it can be difficult to produce enough breast milk. When an adoptive mother is just getting started at trying to nurse, she may also need some help starting and then increasing her supply of breast milk. The good news is that, for women in these situations, there are herbs that can help increase your supply of breast milk.

There are at least three different herbs that can help increase your supply of breast milk. What these herbs have in common is that they contain something called galactagogues. These galactagogues are what helps to increase your milk supply. The herbs that are known to contain galactagogues and are thought to be effective at helping to increase your supply of breast milk are fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa.

Sometimes, a woman may not need to increase her supply of breast milk, but rather make sure that her baby is having an easy enough time getting fed enough when the baby does nurse. Any number of things could interfere with the baby getting enough breast milk. It could be that the baby is not latching on sufficiently, or that the baby is having an allergic reaction to something in the mother’s supply of milk. If you seem to be producing enough milk but your baby does not seem to be getting enough to eat, you certainly should speak with your health care provider or breastfeeding advisor. There are many things, beyond the woman’s supply of milk, which can cause problems with breastfeeding, as well.

If you are using herbs to increase your supply of milk, you should make sure that your baby is nursing enough. With an increased milk supply, engorgement can sometimes result, which creates its own problems in terms of breast feeding.

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