Why Can’t I Seem To Get Enough Sleep?

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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for an expectant mother. It can also be a difficult time, in some respects. From aches and pains to morning sickness, pregnancy is not without its down sides. One of the down sides to pregnancy is that, in many cases, the pregnant woman will have trouble with sleep. Whether you just can’t seem to get enough sleep, or whether the sleep that you do get does not seem to be good sleep, sleep problems can be particularly frustrating during pregnancy. Women seem to have the most trouble getting enough sleep first trimester and the third trimester, although it is possible for a woman to have trouble getting enough sleep at any point during her pregnancy.

There are very often physiological reasons that you can’t seem to get enough sleep during pregnancy. During the first trimester especially, you have a huge increase in the hormone progesterone. Progesterone can have something of a sedative effect. This sedative effect can make it so that you need to nap during the day, and therefore have trouble sleeping at night. In addition, progesterone can cause fatigue, which can paradoxically keep you from getting enough sleep. Later on in pregnancy, you will find that your baby’s increasing size, combined with pressure on your bladder, will very likely make it hard for you to get enough sleep.

Fortunately, if you can’t seem to get enough sleep during pregnancy, there are some things that you can do. While most sleep medications aren’t probably a good idea during pregnancy, there are alternatives. You might consider herbal teas that help you sleep. You might think about a “hypnosis” type CD that can help you sleep, as well. The good news is that, eventually, you will be able to get enough sleep, even if it isn’t until your baby is born and starts sleeping through the night.

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