Won’t My Baby’s Colic Ever End?

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By week three, you’ve come to the place where you could set your clocks by it: at exactly that same time every day (probably in the early evening), your sweet little baby boy or girl turns into a red faced ball of fury. It amazes you that so much noise and crying could possibly come out of such a small baby, but it goes on, hour after hour, taking as much as three or four hours every night.

If you’ve ever had a baby with colic, you know what we’re talking about. It can come on anywhere from about 6 weeks of age to about 4 months and it can absolutely drive you to distraction if you let it. To make things worse, everybody and their sister has a “surefire” way to deal with it, ranging from all kinds of weird home remedies to simply going into another room and letting your baby cry it out.

We’re not here to suggest that any one approach is better in all circumstances than any other approach. We’re not big fans of the “cry it out method,” but babies have grown up to become perfectly healthy children and adults when they were left to cry during a bout of colic, so we’re not here to bash it, either.

We are here to encourage you. Hang in there, and this too shall pass. Colic can last anywhere from three weeks to about three months or so. As long as that seems while you’re going through it, in reality it’s just a very small part of baby’s life (and yours).

The vast majority of babies outgrow colic somewhere between 3 months old and 4 months old. Often, it subsides gradually, but trust us on this one, there will come a time when you suddenly realize that your baby is not crying at her regularly scheduled time. And when that happens, everyone can take a deep breath and get ready, because teething comes next in another month or two.

The most important thing you can do while your baby has colic is to just keep loving on your baby and reminding yourself that you are a good parent who is doing everything she possibly can. Before you know it, you’ll be bouncing a school aged child on your knee, telling her stories about how she used to cry for hours at a time. And, if she’s like most school aged kids, you’ll probably get a good laugh out of her for it.

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