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MorningWellCD Details

How does MorningWell work?

The MorningWell audio program must be listened to through headphones connected to a CD player. The program is not effective when played through ordinary speakers or a car stereo. The MorningWell program works by interrupting the passage of signals between the brain and vestibular system that, uninterrupted, would cause vomiting or emesis.

What is the vestibular system?

This is actually your hearing mechanism (inner ear area) that enables you to detect sound, what types of sound you are hearing and the directions they are coming from.

These organs send masses of signals to the brain constantly – in other words your brain is always being fed information from your ears. Your brain interprets these sounds and tells you what is going on around.

Your ears are also home to your balance function, they’re the reason why you are able to stand up. The vestibular system is responsible for interpreting, if not creating, the signals that cause morning sickness or emesis.

The MorningWell program effectively of disrupts the pathway and therefore the signals that would normally make you sick. The signals are instead misinterpreted into harmless information with the MorningWell CD. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting disappear even if you start using the program after the onset of symptoms.

How to use MorningWell?

Listen to the CD through headphones connected to a good quality CD player. When you have the symptoms of morning sickness, listen to the CD from the beginning for at least 20 minutes or until symptoms stop. Repeat the CD if symptoms return.


Note: The CD should be played at a volume sufficient to leave you able to communicate freely, normally and safely. You can not copy this CD for use with mp3 players or to copy to another CD.


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